Vet-MR Worlds First In-Office Small Animal Veterinary MRI

Vet-MR In-Office Veterinary MRI

Vet-MR is the first Veterinary MRI system uniquely designed to bring diagnostic MRI excellence to small animal imaging with remarkable cost effectiveness and ease of use.

The ability to offer animal MRI imaging on-site means you are able to offer a “one-stop shop” to your clients in order to diagnose and treat their animals in a more efficient and timely manner.

Pet positioning is extremely fast using continuous visualization features. Pet monitoring is very easy as the animal is easily accessible during examination reducing any risk for the patient. Vet MR allows you to use existing anesthesia equipment.

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Vet-MR Small Animal In Office MRI

Vet-MR Shielding Cage

True “In-Office” Vet MRI

Vet-MR can easily be installed in a small room using specially designed shielding cage

Affordable Investment

  • Maintenance Free Permanent Magnet
  • No Special Cooling Requirements
  • Uses Standard Power
  • Easy Siting

Easy to Use

  • Fast Pet Positioning
  • Continuous Visualization
  • Open Construction For Easy Patient Access
  • Veterinary Protocol Optimization

High Performance

  • Superb Soft Tissue Visualization
  • Full Connectivity
  • Service On Line

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