The SIEMENS 1.5T MRI systems deliver unsurpassed diagnostic detail, allowing comprehensive small animal MRI exams from head to toe, and better diagnosis for all forms of disease:

Systemic diseases up to whole body
  • Metastases evaluation
  • Whole-body Angiography
Brain, Neck and Spine Studies
  • Whole CNS from brain to tail
  • High resolution tissue and vascular imaging
  • Diffusion and perfusion imaging, functional MRI
Body Imaging
  • Ultrafast high-resolution 2D and 3D imaging for abdomen, pancreas and other organ studies using rapid techniques to deal with motion artifacts
  • Complete range of MR Angiographic examinations of body vasculature
Orthopedic Studies
  • High resolution imaging of shoulders, (stiffle) knees, hocks and elbows
  • Performance related injuries - torn ligaments, subtle fractures
  • Detection of subtle inflammation in arthritic and rheumatic patients
Oncology Studies
  • Besides the whole-body metastases evaluation, brilliant results are offered in the areas of body imaging
Small Animal Studies

Special exam protocols for differing small animal parameters like body size,

  • Faster heart rates, developing tissues and age groups available for tumor evaluation,
  • Brain epilepsy and malfunctions, cardiac morphology as well as functional MRI
Cardiac Studies
  • Comprehensive range on applications from morphology, ventricular and valvular functions, to dynamic signal, late enhancement, coronary imaging and angiography