Frequently Asked Questions
Ct Exam Room
MRI Exam Room

Universal markets several systems for large animals for CT and MRI, contact us today to discuss your imaging goals.

For CT 480V 3 Phase power is typical. 208V 3 Phase will work with a step-up transformer.
For MRI 120 VAC Single Phase on our Vet MR and 480V 3 phase for most super high field MRI systems.

Universal offers fee per scan, straight lease and purchase options on all of our systems.
Contact us today to discuss what is best for your practice.

All systems are serviced by OEM service engineers with nationwide coverage, prompt response time and original replacement parts.

Universal provides site plan drawings in AutoCad file format and/or hard copy to ensure your space is built to the appropriate CT or MRI specifications.

Yes, Universal provides the best trained veterinary applications professionals who will also build the site specific protocols on the CT and MRI for you, regardless of small or large animal scanning.