Vet-MR Grande Brio World's First In-Office Large & Small Animal Veterinary MRI

Meet the newest addition to our Grande veterinary MRI imaging family…
Grande Brio™.

Vet-MR Grande Brio in use examing a dogs head

This new MRI breed has all the qualities we admired in it’s predecesors....

  • Affordability
  • Low Operating Costs
  • Fewer Maintenance Costs
  • No Expensive Siting or Shielding
  • No Cooling Cryogen

    …as well as

  • New and Improved Sequences
  • Time Saving and Productivity Features (same great images in about half the time)
  • New Coil Management (No. 14)
  • New E-MRI Viewer Features
A Vet-MR Grande Brio typical scan
Vet MR Grande Brio and a Dalmation

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