Multi-Slice Dedicated Veterinary CT, Multi-Slice Equine CT

Introducing the Multi-Slice
Veterinary CT System

This new veterinary & Equine CT platform and family of options combines “LIGHTNING” speed and exquisite images to deliver unprecedented value to your practice.

With fast isotropic volume display and a wide range of scanning capabilities, the Multi-Slice Vet-CT brings a whole new view to animal CT imaging.

Precise images of tissues, from bone to delicate nerve root structures including all of the power you need supported by the industry’s best training and complete local service. All parts, labor, travel and x-ray tubes on site in less than 4 hours.

Think the Multi-Slice Vet-CT system may be right for you?

The Multi-Slice Vet-CT
Replaces Most X-Ray & Ultrasound Screening

The Multi-Slice Vet-CT Offers:

  • High Speed Scanning
  • Multi-Slice Detector
  • Thin Slice Imaging
  • Exquisite Resolution
  • Clinical Flexibility from Thick to Thin
  • Smooth Running Performance
  • Increased Workload Without Delay
  • High-Performance Patient Generator
  • True Isotropic Volume Acquisition
  • 3D Color Image Processing
Multi Slice Spiral CT in use
Multi Slice Spiral Ct with Large Animal Equine CT Table
Large Animal & Equine CT Table Accommodates up to 1200 Lbs