Universal Medical's CT and MRI products for Veterinarians

MD Buyline Rankings Heading Up

The latest MD Buyline user and vendor rankings have been released and Universal's Vet CT and high field MRI products from Toshiba Medical Systems have enhanced their performance across all categories.

Universal's exclusive CT continues to be number one with number one rankings in all six performance areas for both modalities.

In MRI, Universal's OEM product MRI moved into the number one spot from second place last quarter and is ranked first in five out of the six performance areas evaluated for the MRI modality.


In the News

Universal Medical Systems large animal table used in CT study-

A study of temporal bone fractures and Temporal Region Anatomy in Horses at

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Universal is the only authorized distributor in the industry representing three industry leading product lines directly to veterinarians. Esoate, Toshiba and Neurologica Veterinary MRI and CT units represent over 50% of the installation base in North America. New or factory units providing affordable, convenient, and cutting edge imaging solutions with guaranteed performance are readily available.

Our full range of product selections includes veterinary CAT scanners and veterinary MRI scanners, including the first dedicated veterinary MRI system. Explore this site to learn more about veterinary imaging applications. View our Image Archives and review our Frequently Asked Questions for quick answers to common issues.

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