Asto CT™ Equina™: Designed by & for Veterinarians, Optimized for Patient & Veterinarian

Changing the paradigm in equine imaging

The challenge
Current imaging tools are not sufficient to optimally manage equine patients.

The solution
Asto CT Equina™ is a CT system that allows imaging of a standing sedated horse. This technology enables veterinarians to broadly offer CT imaging to the equine community and provide state-of-the-art screening and diagnosis.

Scanning is Simple with Asto

  • Lead horse to ring & sedate
  • Push button control
  • 30-sec image acquisition

Diagnostic Quality

  • Multi-slice helical CT
  • 24-row detector
  • 3D image reconstruction

Scanning is Safe

  • No anesthesia
  • No complex positioning
  • Rugged construction

Scanning is Flexible

  • Limbs to carpus/tarsus
  • Images two limbs at a time
  • Neck imaging toward C-6/C-7
  • Large or small animal under anesthesia on a surgical bed

Patient is a 23-year-old American Quarter Horse; ~900 lbs; 35-in ground to sternum.
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Base System / Motion Assembly
Width (base) 254 cm (100 in)
Length (base) 239 cm (94 in)
Height (uprights) 371 cm (146 in)
Gantry pitch range 0 to 90¡
Total vertical motion range 228 cm (90 in)
Continuous scan field (limb & head scans) 100 cm (40 in)
Max strike force to gantry/pedestal
1,364 kg (3000lbs) – optimized to withstand impact of startled horse

Electrical Service
208-240 V Single Phase; 30 A

CT Gantry
Gantry opening (bore diameter) 75 cm (30 in)
Nominal field of view (FOV)
75 cm (30 in) – everything within gantry
opening is scanned
Scan time for a full 360¡ rotation 1 sec
Number of detector rows 24
Helical pitch Variable (typical = 0.55)
Helical scan velocity Variable (typical = 2 cm/sec)
Slice acquisition rate 36 slices/sec

Free-standing Platform (Optional)
Surface Non-slip, shock-absorbing, washable
Ramp Detachable, <15 degrees
Stairs Detachable

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